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Talented is a new talent management agency for developers and members of software development teams. We work as agents for our talents for whom we find the most interesting companies and projects. Demand for talents in our field is high and all companies are trying to get your attention. As your agent we defend, support and promote your interest's. We make companies compete for you.
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Nice to meet you {{answer_51759199}}, we are Talented. Since the world has changed, there is now a huge demand for talented people. We can help you find better fitting jobs, make companies compete for you and show what kind of possibilities the market now has for you.

{{answer_51759199}}, this is how it works. We'll first check out your application and then:
1) We'll build a profile together
2) We'll introduce you to different potential employers
3) And we'll get you job offers

Then you'll need to evaluate the opportunities and choose.

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